I Believe

I believe in what I do and I love kind, unique people who value printed images.
I love adventure and discovering new natural locations to share with people.
Taking photo’s near or in water makes me incredibly happy, each winter I get a little sad to put away my underwater camera housing,
I’m not that brave in cold water but I’m happy to take photo’s from the sand or shoreline in the cooler months!
I believe in lifestyle sessions where we organise activities as you quickly forget that the camera is even there.
You deserve gorgeous art and images to have forever.
Pregnancy and newborn sessions are also lifestyle based, natural settings and images built around family life mean so much more they are such a wonderful thing to do for yourself and your future family!
I’m passionate about having you remember special moments in your life with those that mean the world to you,
there is nothing better than having life on your walls, a fabulous photographer and friend took these of my family
and they hang on my walls where I smile at them every day!



In 2015 my daughter and youngest of my two children got her licence, which gave me a lot of free time that I’ve found wonderful and a little strange all at the same time. Having all this free time has given me time for many little personal projects mostly photography related. I love finding props and unique items to use in sessions, I have a collection of hoop skirts among other things that is quite impressive! On Sunday I can usually be found getting up early to go to markets or garage sales where I have found some wonderful “treasures”

I’ve also been very fortunate to be able to incorporate my love of running into travelling with my husband, In the last 18 months we have run marathons in Singapore, South Africa and Melbourne, adding time at the end of the trip for a relaxing holiday. Running keeps me fit and I’m lucky to be able to run with my dearest girl friend so it has become more of a lifestyle choice, run, socialise and find great places for coffee. I often find great locations while out running too, you see so much more of a place when you are on foot.

My favourite place to be is near water, when I want to recharge I will go for a walk at some of my favourite spots around Burleigh I also recently bought an old film camera and I wait until I have around 6 rolls of film to send in all at once, when they all come back as prints the joy I get from discovering images that I had forgotten about is ridiculous. I’m hoping to set up a very small darkroom at home in the next year as way back in high school it was in their darkroom that I discovered that I was in love with photography. Getting back time for me has given me the ability to focus more time and love towards my business.

I want this website & blog to be a place of inspiration. Beautiful, vibrant and creative images and idea’s for you. If you are interested in creating some art and would like me to help you I would love to hear from you. xx

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